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Dereliott Conversions " The Prestige Car Centre " became Maserati and DE Tomaso main dealers in 1977 following major supply problems with Lotus in the mid 1970's for both cars and spare parts.  As reported in the press at the time, this resulted in them being unable to offer the high standard of service that their reputation demanded, customer care had always been a priority to the company. 

Dereliott Conversions reluctantly parted company with Lotus and replaced them with the Maserati and De-Tomaso franchise for Wirral, the North West, & Wales.

Maserati and DE Tomaso were at that time all part of the same company and were imported by Mario Tozzi-Condivi  of MTC Cars Ltd based in London. This partnership was extremely successful and Dereliott Conversions became the largest UK Maserati dealer outside London.



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Below are some of the early Maserati & DE Tomaso Brochures

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Tomaso Pantera GTS on the forecourt of Dereliott Conversions

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Dereliott Sprint
   Dereliott Rally Car

Note the Pye radio Car Phone
            Lotus before cell phones...

Maserati Merak SS  Demonstrator on the forecourt of Dereliott Conversions

Maserati & DeTomaso

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Maserati  Khamsin parked opposite Dereliott's forecourt

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Maserati Merak SS brochure

P1 front cover

P2 back cover

Maserati Khamsin brochure

P1 front cover

P2 back cover

Maserati Kyalami brochure

P1 front cover

P2 back cover

Kyalami press photo of engine

Press car photo

DE Tomaso brochure

P1 front cover

P8 back cover

P2 De Tomaso Pantera L

P3 De Tomaso Pantera GTS

P4 De Tomaso Pantera Group 3

P5 De Tomaso Pantera Group 4

P6 De Tomaso Deuville

P7 De Tomaso Longchamp

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Maserati & DeTomaso line art.

Maserati Merak SS

Maserati Khamsin

De Tomaso Pantera GTS

De Tomaso Longchamp

De Tomaso Deuville

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Maserati dealer Thurstaston Wirral

Maserati dealer Wirral


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