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Dereliott Sprint


Dereliott Conversions sponsored the only motor race held on Closed public roads in the UK, the  "Dereliott Sprint". The event was hosted by the Wallasey Motor Club and staged annually on a section of the promenade at New Brighton in the Wirral. It attracted entrants from all over Europe, there were some 18 classes from basic saloon to F1 cars.


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Advertising poster for 1977 event

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Official Program cover of 1979 Sprint

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Photo's from the 1976 Sprint which was the first time Dereliott Conversions
had sponsored the event, formally known as the Grosvenor Sprint.

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Sprint Paddock

Sprint Paddock



TVR Works entry driven by Stewart Halstead,

we think the person talking to the driver is

Martin Lilley the then MD of TVR

      We think the girl in the blue skirt was the

      daughter of Jim Barrow ( motor factors ) 

      who donated some prizes and a Trophy

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John Elliott Dereliott Conversions

Spectators Andrew & Val

& friends of Derek & John

John by Race Control pre race day

Spectators Gordon & Sue

& friends of Derek & John

Spectators Chris & Barbara

& friends of Derek & John

Competitor Sprint 10.06.1978 Competitor  Sprint10.06.1978
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Competitor Sprint 10.06.1978 Competitor Sprint 10.06.1978

Spectator area, River Mersey

& Liverpool in the background

John presents a winners trophy on the 

podium  which is on the back of a truck

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Various Press articles that appeared over the years.

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The 1979 Dereliott Sprint Awards & Entrants List.

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