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Hello and welcome to Dereliott Conversions 

The Prestige Car Centre. 


Formally of: Hoylake  & Thurstaston, Wirral, & Llandudno Junction N. Wales.


This web site is about the history of Dereliott Conversions. This specialist car dealership was set up in 1969 by two motor enthusiast friends Derek Morrissey and John Elliott but even though they closed down back in the early 1980's to enable them to pursue their individual business interests, to this day they still remain  a topic of conversation around the world. The sports cars they sold then are the classic cars and collectors cars of today.  


Main Dealerships held: Lotus, TVR, Scimitar, Maserati, De Tomaso, Lancia.

How It All Started

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Thurstaston Road, Thurstaston, Wirral.

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Dereliott Sprint

Dereliott Rally Car

The original showroom at Thurstaston which was later extended rearwards.



Llandudno Junction Showroom

Maserati / DeTomaso

Scimitar GTE

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Classic Cars, Lotus, TVR, Maserati, DeTomaso, Scimitar, Lancia. Classic Sports Cars.


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Dereliot Conversions

Derelliott Conversions

Derelliot Conversions





Garage in Thurstaston Road, Thurstaston, Wirral.

Sports car garage Thurstaston Wirral.


Original garage:

122d Market Street, Hoylake, Wirral.


Heatherlands Garage

Dereliott Conversions

Thurstaston Road




Garage in Llandudno


Llandudno Junction


North Wales


Wirral Near 

Thurstaston Visitor Centre

Wirral Country Park

Wirral Way Thurstaston

Thurstaston Common

Heatherlands Cafe Thurstaston

Cottage Loaf Thurstaston


Car Dealership

Lotus Dealer Wirral & Cheshire

Lotus Cars Thurstaston

TVR Dealer Thurstaston Wirral

TVR Cars Thurstaston

TVR Dealer Llandudno

TVR Cars Llandudno Junction N Wales

Maserati Dealer

Maserati Cars Wirral & Llandudno

DeTomaso Cars

De Tomaso Dealers  Thurstaston & Llandudno Junction

Scimitar Cars

Scimitar GTE Dealers Thurstaston Wirral & Llandudno North Wales

Lancia Cars

Lancia Dealers Llandudno Junction North Wales.